Focus and drive empowers individuals to better themselves through a healthier lifestyle.  Martial arts can increase an individual's mind and establishes confidence in every aspect of life.  People have individual needs in training martial arts.  There are some who want to compete and some who want to learn self defense.  Our philosophy in teaching martial arts comes from a MMA perspective, not in traditional style.


Kickboxing will be offered at Tutaj Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Monday and Wednesday at 5PM.  Class size is limited.  Reserve your spot today.

Adisen Samano

The foundations of what I teach today stems from:
- Boxing:  Robert Brutus Beal, known as Coach Bob
- Jung Do Hapkido:  Red-Black Belt under Master Kanghoon Lee
- Tae Kwon Do:  Black Belt under Late Master Chun
- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:  White Belt under Jon Tutaj

I am a true believer in martial arts.  Everyone from male to female, any age should have some form of combative skills to defend themselves.  Training like a fighter doesn’t mean you have to fight or compete.  Learn and adapt to your surroundings, but not conform to it.  Transform your mind and body with self confidence.