Self Defense

This is a beginner program for adults. Each lesson covers anywhere from one to three techniques to avoid information overload. We have built review and repetition into each class to ensure you remember and understand what you have learned from previous lessons.

You may begin at any point in the curriculum. It is a continuously running class in which we track your progress.

Our students' safety is our number one concern. In this course we provide a fun, engaging, non-competitive, and safe environment to practice the techniques and ask questions.

The scope of this curriculum is to teach you how to recognize and deal with the most common ways people are likely to attack you in a self-defense situation.

If there is a fear of injury, embarrassment, or just general uncertainty and unease then this is the class for you.

Self Defense is offered at Tutaj Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Saturdays at 3PM.  Class size is limited.  Reserve your spot today.

Monthly payments plans with debit or credit card are available at the gym.